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Who we are

SYNESIS LLC is a developer and marketer of a proprietary technology for recycled rubber based thermoplastic vulcanizate (RTPV) compounds marketed under the trade name ECO-FLEX RTPV.

SYNESIS cutting-edge materials are found in products for the automotive, consumer, sports, appliance, tools, lawn and garden and industrial rubber market segments.

SYNESIS was founded in 2005, and is based 15 miles west of Akron, Ohio “the rubber capital of the world”. Our mission is to provide quality products and services that meet or exceed the customer needs by providing value-added benefits including cost savings, performance improvement and high levels of post consumer recycled rubber content.

SYNESIS LLC has chosen Network Polymers Inc., a preferred supplier of high quality thermoplastic materials and resins, as the exclusive distributor of the SYNESIS LLC ECO-FLEX RTPV product line. Network Polymers, Inc. has a proven track record of supplying cost effective engineering material to the plastics industry.